Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Thinking of finally rebooting my Dead End High School story and giving it some sequels. Or I may just write it as an animation series. My son has created wonderful drawings of a few of the characters. It tickles me to pieces to see them drawn in anime style (like Pyper, the girl on my header, above:). I've said before that I see everything I write as anime, anyway. It'd be the ultimate dream come true to have them actually animated!

I also am reconsidering my decision to stop writing Saucy McGill Mysteries. They do sell, and I love Saucy. And hopefully I am finally getting over all of the trauma we've experienced the last year or two. Or maybe this is the calm before the storm rises again. Who knows? But I have to move on. If you remain stuck in the quicksand eventually you will smother. Time to grab onto a tree limb and pull myself out!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Action Egg Heroes

I've had this project in so many stages on and off for years! But it's a nice diversion from all the stress so maybe I'll finally get it going soon. I've rebooted the blog for it, you can visit it HERE.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Orchestrated Barbarians

Just watched Conan the Barbarian again this morning. I'd forgotten how beautiful its film score is. Since I was at the computer I missed a lot of the action but the music was very soothing. It actually lessened some serious misery I've been having this week due to a tick bite.

The film itself has always been one of my favorite Sword and Sorcery flicks. Yes, it's gory, and I'll admit I turn away from the screen once in awhile. But the film has more than that - at its core there is truth and wit and heart. That is what lifts it above other films in the genre.

And Valeria is one of my heroes. If all girls were taught to be as bold and strong as she was, well - just imagine how different the world would be.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Thinking about republishing my poetry book. I had it listed on Lulu years ago. Probably will just republish it as a paperback - a bit disillusioned over the whole ebook thing. Here's a poem from it, written during a particularly rough depression:


I am sad, I am lost
I am the ugliest of the ugly,
I am beyond repair
Wabi-sabi me, go ahead
I dare you
Try to find the beauty
In my ugliness,
Seek out my redemption
It is not there,
Discover my true self
It will stun you,
I am not what you want
To see or know of –
I am merely the representation
Of my discarded spirit,
I am not me

I am alone, I am hurt
I am the loneliest of the lonely,
I am beyond despair
Enlighten me, go ahead
I beg of you
Try to find one reason
For me to smile,
Look for my companionship
I offer none,
Search for my inspiration
It is dead,
I am not what I was meant
To be or dreamed of –
I am solely the result of misguided love,
I am not me
Never will be – again.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mad World

Apparently, it isn't enough to commit suicide these days. The perpetrators feel they have to take as many souls as possible with them. Whether by bomb or plane. What's next? Will some nuclear plant worker decide to off all of us to satisfy their lonely, shattered heart?

I've been depressed. I know the dark side only too well. And I've felt like dying. I used to think the opposite but now I believe it's braver to live than to kill yourself. And if you decide to deliberately take others with you - well, you're just a murderer, aren't you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The description this writer gives of herself is so ME! I have such difficulty expressing who I am or what I feel face to face. Sometimes I think I'm even worse over the phone, mainly because I have a childish voice and no one takes me seriously. But in emails or letters I can say exactly what needs to be said.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tales From The Great Green Sea

My very short book of bedtime stories for kids, Tales From The Great Green Sea, should be live on most vendors by the end of the week. I posted the stories individually here but I've published the three together for 99 cents in ebook form. A small paperback will also be available soon. Here's the cover, homemade but cute:)